Kevin Irvani

Computer Scientist @ Durham University




Software Developer Intern

• Planned, built and tested an end-to-end data science project using Python. Applied a Random Forest Regressor to a time-series forecasting business problem.

• Worked with big data to generate a dataset relevant to the business problem.

• Used various new libraries and technologies such as PySpark, EDP, scikit-learn, BitBucket and Jira.



Customer Service Technician

• Provided technical solutions to Ministry of Defence users within the UK in a high-pressure environment.

• Built customer relationships and creating support tickets for each IT query which detailing the resolution.

• Took support calls and using a live web chat function to resolve IT queries.


The Link Support

Support Worker / Bookkeeper

• Helped to record and organize all of the financial transactions made by the company.

• Automated administrative tasks to improve time efficiency.

• Helped individuals with learning disabilities access the community, giving them personal care, completing household tasks and managing their finances.

Technical Skills

C logo   C Python   Python

JavaScript   JavaScript Java   Java

Haskell   Haskell SQL   SQL

CSS   CSS Scikit-learn   Scikit-learn

Music Production (IRVANI)

Self-taught electronic music producer since 2016. Latest release sitting at 250K streams across all platforms.

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